Girardot to Honda

As we decided where to commence our first journey on the Magdalena River we found ourselves settling for Girardot as a starting point to what would be a great experience to us all. A quaint town perched right on the river and twisting to a park and an old train as a reminder of times gone by.

We settled in to our hotel for the night and discussed what we hoped to see and achieve on this first run of the river. The following morning we set off and bid fair well to the soldiers standing guard to their compound and soon we were out of site of Girardot and onward bound to Honda.

Myself and James soon settled into a routine and one of us was at the ready with the camera for anything that may jump out in front of us. The views of the surrounding countryside was spectacular to say the least and the speed of the current was a surprise but pleasant. The fauna and amount of birds was outstanding. The trip took us along some lovely little places where we would get off the river to indulge in a cup of coffee or a bite to eat until we finally arrived in Honda where we were met with great warmth.