Horse riding Caribbean Coastline
Horse Riding Coastline

Titumate to Capurgana

from $1,900.00

Horse ride the Caribbean coastline.

Ride from Titumate to Capurgana.

6 days 5 nights adventure

We will take you on an incredible journey.

Join us on our next trip 6th April 2019.


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    All about the Titumate to Capurgana.

    This five night, six days package is a dream come true for those that love horse riding in natural beauty and remote areas. This trail is an eco-travelers dream as we will have you exploring everything from the coastline to jungle. We will go with our horses or mules along the coast and riding into the sea to go around obstacles, we will cross many small rivers, open farmland leading into untouched jungle and up and down hillside passes and even along a trail used by those wishing to cross into Panama or Colombia avoiding the official routes.

    We will get to see and hear various animals and birds in their natural habitats from monkeys to Toucans. You will get to relax in accommodation right at the ocean front to a finca in the middle of nowhere.

    The package is great for the enthusiastic photographer or wildlife lover and of course those that love to ride. This tour is suitable for all adults. A mild level of fitness is suggested due to the nature of the activities and the distances covered whilst horse riding.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    All accommodation in regards to the tour.
    Transportation from Medellin.
    All Meals during the tour.
    All entrance Fees.
    Safety Equipment.
    Para Medic and First Aid resources

    Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

    Tips & Gifts.
    Additional Drinks.
    Any costs accrued due to additional activities requested or program changes.

    1. Day 1 Travel to San Franciso

      We will leave Medellin and head off to the town of Turbo where we will catch our charted boat to Titumate. The boat journey will take us between 1 to 1.5 hours climate depending. We choose to leave early as the sea is calmer before mid-day and gives us a smoother crossing and also you the chance to admire the views.

      Once we arrive at Titumate we will meet our guide and your mules and horses for the rest of your trip. We will set off towards San Francisco where we will spend the night. This phase will take us around three hours and is a way for us to get used to our horse and the heat.

    2. Day 2 Playona

      We will depart our accommodation at 8am and set off along the coastline we will pass through the small pueblo of San Francisco then Trigaña followed by Playon and then onto Playona.
      Playona is a protected 12km of shoreline, here we will see rolling beaches and jungle on our left and the open Caribbean ocean on our right side.

      We will stop roughly half way along this beach at our accommodation for the night.
      Depending on the time of year you will get the chance to walk along the beach and spot leatherbacks coming ashore to lay their eggs.

       Again we will have the chance to go explore the local area on foot or go for a relaxing dip in the ocean. This phase of our trip will take between five and six hours.

    3. Day 3 Acandi

      Again after a typical breakfast we will leave at 8am from Playona on towards the Town of Acandi. We will pass along farmland and through the old finca of Pablo Escobar and up and over the pass and down into Acandi.  This phase we expect to take between 4 and 5 hours.

      Once here we will show you to your accommodation and as this is the biggest and most modern town you will have the chance to go explore it or the beach or both!

      Also depending on the time of year (March – July) you will get to see the turtles laying eggs or the young hatching and making their way into the ocean.

    4. Day 4 Finca

      After breakfast we will again set off on our horses inland towards a finca in the middle of nowhere. We will pass through the town of Acandi and farmsteads until we reach our destination. You will get to see how man has changed its surroundings from natural jungle to farm land to cater for our ever growing needs. We will journey for about three hours on this phase.

      Once we are at the finca you are free to go off exploring the vast openness or take a short hike to a nearby waterfall and plunge pool or just relax in the river in front of the finca. Hear you will get to truly experience the natural sounds of the many birds that inhabit this area.

    5. Day 5 Capurgana

      Breakfast will be our first order of the day then we will head off to our final destination of this magical trip to the coastal town of Capurgana. This is the second biggest place we will visit and again will have more modern facilities. This phase will take us over the mountains and through the jungle paths made by people trying to cross from Panama to Colombia or vise versa. Here we will hear the biggest collection of howler monkeys and if we are lucky we will get to see them also.
      Depending on the group we have the options to visit another place called El Cielo which is a natural waterfall and some pools just on the edge of Capurgana where we can explore before heading off for the final time on our trusty steads.
      Once at the hotel you can relax in the pool, explore the town or head down to the beach. This phase will take us about three hours unless we stop off at the waterfall and pools.

    6. Day 6 Return to Medellin

      Unfortunately the end of our great trip comes to a close and so after we have breakfast we will move to the jetty where we will board the charted boat and head off back to Turbo ( a journey of two hours) and the final look at the magnificent coastline and we can get a true reflection of the journey that we had under taken.

      We will then move back to Medellin where you can continue your onward journey.

    We shall be staying at a couple of beautiful Eco Lodges and a nature reserve on our trip. We will be entwined with nature and the music it makes. We will be far from populated areas. The water will be drinkable and the showers will be climate temperature. These lodges will have the basic amenities.

    Hotel in Dorada and Honda will have all the modern amenities including Wifi

    You will be in tropical climate so bring some clothing that will dry quickly and decent footwear. We also suggest you bring long sleeve shirt and trousers and a hat. The days can be very hot.

    Camelpac for water or you can store the packs of water in your rucksack.

    Long sleeve shirt for use during riding sessions.

    1 x pair of jeans (for horse riding if you find walking trousers too uncomfortable)

    2 x shirts/ t-shirts for evening wear.

    2 x pair of quick drying trousers (zip off type is better)

    1 x pair of shorts/ swimming costume

    3 x pair of socks

    2 x sets of footwear (1 x for daily use on horse, 1 x for night use) (1 x pair trainers, 1 x pair flipflops) Will get wet daily!




    Sunblock (factor 30 minimum is suggested)

    Insect Repellent

    Camera & spare batteries

    Phone if needed (best providers are Claro and Advantel – internet is very bad to none)

    Waterproof bag

    Due to the remoteness of some of the places you will have difficulty with phone signals and wifi. We find that Claro and Avantel work best for the areas we are visiting.

    Only yourself. Cameras we suggest should have something to protect them from the water and humidity. Insect repellent and sun screen is suggested.

    Yes we do. We suggest you inform us of any dietary requirements so we can be best prepared for your visit,

    A small daysack with a maximum weight of 5 kilos total is suggested due to you carrying everything on your back and on the horse or mule. Remember it will be on your back for five day of around four to five hours a time whilst in a sitting position.

    It is suggested that you have a basic experience of horse riding. We are travelling for up to five hours a day so be prepared for long stretches sat in a saddle.

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