Three Rivers Multi Activity Tour

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Explore the rivers Miel, Magdalena and Rio Claro.

A Multi Activity trip with breath taking views.

Journey down these magnificent rivers in a canoe.

We will take you canoeing, rafting, horse riding and caving.


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    All about the Three Rivers Multi Activity Tour.

    Each day we will participate in a different experience giving you the chance to see more of what Colombia has to offer. We will go canoeing on beautiful rivers. Options for a hike to a waterfall where you can enjoy a refreshing dip. Or horseback riding through beautiful scenery. Water levels permitting we shall also go explore a cave and the strange birds that live within. The package is great for the enthusiastic photographer or wildlife lover. This tour is suitable for all adults. A mild level of fitness is suggested due to the nature of the activities and the distances covered whilst canoeing the Rio Magdalena (78 kilometers).

    You will spend the evenings staying in eco-lodges or handpicked hotels on route  which allows you to relax and listen and see the wildlife at night and experience the magic of the wild in the morning with all the natural sounds that nature has to offer.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
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    Accommodation in regards to the tour.
    All Meals during the tour.
    All entrance Fees.
    Safety Equipment.
    Para Medic and First Aid resources

    Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

    Tips & Gifts.
    Any costs accrued due to additional activities requested or program changes.

    1. Day 1 Arrive at Eco Lodge

      We will depart Medellin early (5am) for our accommodation for the next few nights. We will drive over mountains with fantastic views and through local villages till we get to our destination.  We will travel towards the quaint town of San Rafael where we will cross the river then a short ride on the river to our lodge for the next couple of nights. We shall stop off for breakfast on route and also to grab some personal supplies if required. 

      Once at the lodge we will show you to your accommodation and grab a spot of late lunch. Afterwards you can take in a nice relaxing stroll or do a spot of fishing in front of the lodge.

      Around 16:45 hrs we have the option to head off down river in the speed boat and go see the monkeys.

    2. Day 2 Rio Miel

      After breakfast we we will go for a horseback ride into the surrounding areas and again take in the scenery and local wildlife and fauna. This again is a full days activity which includes a 45 minute boat ride to the start. We will also organise the canoes and equipment ready for the following days activity. In the evening you can relax and listen to the wildlife with only the natural lights the environment provides.

    3. Day 3 Canoeing Rio Miel

      After breakfast we will load up the canoes and head off down the river Miel to San Miguel a distance of 13km where we will get our first chance to polish off some skills and get accustomed to the boats ready for the following days paddling. Whilst also taking in breath taking wilderness. Once at San Miguel we will load the boats and head off to the town of Honda and our hotel casa Belle Epoque for the night. Here you can have a relaxing dip in the hotel pool and also explore the town of Honda.

    4. Day 4 Honda to Dorada

      Breakfast will be our first order of the day then we will head down to the river Magdalena where we will organize ourselves then paddle and meander down river to La Dorada and our traditional hotel in the town for the night.

      The distance we will cover is approximately 36km and we shall at most times be the only people on the river. We have the options to stop at any time on route on islands or river banks to get a leg stretch. We will also take lunch and snacks with us so we can drift and eat. In Dorada we can relax at the hotel or you are free to explore the town and its offerings.

    5. Day 5 Dorada to Puerto Triunfo

      Again after breakfast we shall move away from the hotel to start our paddle down the river Magdelana which was the trade route of Colombia right up till the middle of the last century! Here we will continue until the town of Puerto Triunfo a distance of 53 kilometers. Here we shall then get back on the transport and drive off to the eco lodge of Rio Claro and spend our next two nights of the epic journey.

    6. Day 6 Eco Lodge Rio Claro

      Once we have finished breakfast we shall have the options to make your way through the inside of earth to live an extraordinary experience. This cavern is sculpted by El Bornego, a creek that runs throughout its entire length, spanning over 400 meters. For millions of years, these waters have eroded marble walls and crevices into smooth tunnels. Ground waters filtrating from the ceiling have poured thousands of stalactites over the ages. These calcium precipitations serve as nesting ground for the mysterious Oil Birds or Guacharos (Steatornis Caripensis), nocturnal birds that use echolocation to navigate in the dark. Along the entire course of the cave, visitors will experience a myriad textures, forms, and volumes created by the play of light and shadow upon stalactites and stalagmites, speleothems, among other geological formations which will leave an unforgettable impression.

      Later in the day you can float down the river in inflatable rafts while enjoying the exuberant tropical rainforest that covers the entire canyon. Along the course, you will be totally immersed in the thick jungles that line both sides of the riverbank. An excellent opportunity for appreciating the amazing biodiversity offered by this region. The journey culminates at an imposing vaulted limestone ceiling that is testimony to the transformative powers of the river’s water cutting into the bedrock. Water droplets falling from gigantic stalactites that hang from a towering limestone cliff offer a breathtaking spectacle to the viewer.

    7. Day 7 Return to Medellin

      Once we have finished breakfast we will pack up and head off back to Medellin where our adventure will come to an end and here we will drop you off at your hotel and bid farewell and hope to see you again on one of our other adventures.

    We shall be staying at a couple of beautiful Eco Lodges and a nature reserve on our trip. We will be entwined with nature and the music it makes. We will be far from populated areas. The water will be drinkable and the showers will be climate temperature. These lodges will have the basic amenities.

    Hotel in Dorada and Honda will have all the modern amenities including Wifi

    You will be in tropical climate so bring some clothing that will dry quickly and decent footwear. We also suggest you bring long sleeve shirt and trousers and a hat. The days can be very hot and the nights can feel cool. For the rivers we suggest dry bag or something to keep your valuables dry.

    We will place all bags not required for each days activities onto the transport.

    Due to the remoteness of some of the places you will have difficulty with phone signals and wifi. We find that Claro and Avantel work best for the areas we are visiting.

    Only yourself. Cameras we suggest should have something to protect them from the water and humidity. Insect repellent and sun screen is suggested.

    Yes we do. We suggest you inform us of any dietary requirements so we can be best prepared for your visit,

    It is suggested that you have some experience however the routes we have chosen for you to paddle gives for a calmer journey. We will give a full safety brief and some canoeing tips if required.

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