La Cocha and Reserva Arroyos

from $1,695.00
(Minimum of 4 persons for Activity to run unless booked as a private trip)

An authentic Multi – Activity adventure.

Exploring La Cocha and the surrounding areas. From Lake to Jungle.

Jungle Trek, Horse riding, Mountain Bikes, Boats, Las Lajas.

We have it all!

7 Days and 6 Nights

Five full days of activities guaranteed with each day something special.


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All about the La Cocha and Reserva Arroyos.

La Cocha is an enchanting lake in Nariño which spans over 20km in length and 5km wide . It sits at an altitude of over 2800 meters. The climate varies and can be cold in the evenings and early mornings. In the past was a dangerous area to visit due to the troubles. These days you will be met with open arms and smiles. Here you will get to see such diversity from the great lake to the jungle. With an amazing fauna and wildlife species to explore and see.

The area around the lake is designated as a wetland of international importance and supported by the World Wildlife Fund. In the lake itself there is also an island called Isla De La Corota which in itself has around 35 acres of land which it is also a registered reserve of Colombia with abundant species of fauna and flora.

We at Colombia Paddlers are proud to offer such an activity filled adventure to the area and working with the local community we strive to help promote ecotourism and further our knowledge.

We shall participate in a different activity each day and return to our lodge for each evening in order to relax and take in the breath taking views of sunset and sunrise.


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

All Transport in relation to the tour
All Accommodation in relation to the tour
Lunch / Snacks
All entry fees
Safety equipment
Basic Fishing equipment (any special items can be reserved and payed for on day 1)
Local Guides


Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Alcoholic drinks
Tips & Gifts
Fishing Bait ( trout Eggs)
Sun block
Expenses not specified in this program

  1. Day 1 Arrival at La Cocha

    At 5am you will be met in Medellin by one of our guides and we will set off to the town of Pasto stopping off for lunch and finally to your lodge which is on the lake La Cocha for the duration of the tour.


  2. Day 2 La Cocha & Santa Isabel Reserve

    We will have breakfast at the lodge then at 8am you will move down to the waters edge where we will climb aboard two boats and be taken across La Cocha enjoying the fantastic views. Where the lake turns  into the river we will follow this wetland onto the nature reserve of Verede Santa Isabel. This will be a relaxing meander down river for about 2 hours twisting and winding along route.
    We will stop for a lunch break on the banks of the river and afterwards return back to our lodge where you can relax for the night and take in the fantastic sun set.


  3. Day 3 Jungle Trek

    To fully enjoy this trek and see the birds of the area we will need to have an early start and be at the beginning of our trek for 7am. So this means we will leave at 6.30am from the lodge in order to arrive in plenty of time.

    From here you will get to meet a local family and our guide as we then take a hearty trip through the canopy exploring all the fauna, wildlife and different bird species and if we are really lucky we may encounter the local bear populations. We will reach the top of Paramo where you will be amazed at the views of the whole valley.

    This will loop us back to the reserve where we will have lunch and afterwards we will head off back to the lodge where you will have the rest of the afternoon to go explore along the waters edge or just relax at the lodge.

  4. Day 4 Bike / Horse riding Trails

    We will take breakfast and then split into two groups where group 1 will go biking and group 2 will go horseback riding.

    Group 1

    You will depart from Encano village where you will head off towards Romerillo and onwards Santa Lucia. From here we will then be picked up by boat and taken across the lake to start on leg two of your bike ride towards Santa Teresa. Once we arrive we shall have lunch at the Reserva Pescador. After we have finished our lunch we will get back on the bikes and head off towards the chalet and our finishing point for the day.

    Groups 2 – You will meet up with the horses in the village of Encano also and go horse riding up into the rolling hills and through the trees taking in the enchanted views that the area has to offer. Our route will take us along Encano towards La Pastora and the top of the mountain and down towards Casapamba. Where we will be collected and return to the lodge.


  5. Day 5 Bike / Horse riding Trails

    This will take the same format as the previous day but the two groups will swap activities.

  6. Day 6 Trip to Las Lajas

    Once you have finished breakfast and at 8am we will get into the transport and drive to the town of Las Lajas and to the sanctuary where miracles have been known to happen.

    This place is of great religious beliefs to far and wide due to the history from the first miracle back in 1754 of Maria Mueses de Quinonez and her daughter Rose.

    It is now classed as a cultural and the second architectural wonder of Colombia. Where people visit from all over the world to say a prayer and give thanks. Afterwards we will return back to the lodge for the final night of your stay.


  7. Day 7 Return to Medellin

    We will have breakfast and then ensure we have all our equipment before heading off back to Medellin in our transport. Arriving late evening.

    For those that wish to continue onwards to Ecuador we can take you back into Pasto where you can be dropped off and catch the transport across the border. For an additional Cost we can help organise transport to take you to the border crossing or towards the nearest town of Tulcan.


Whilst at La Cocha you will be staying in one of the lodges on the banks of this beautiful lake. Where each day you can take in the views and go wander along the shores. All accommodation is shared.

Private rooms can be arranged but an additional charge will be incurred.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Included in your Tour

All Transport in relation to the tour
All Accommodation in relation to the tour
All entry fees
Safety equipment
Basic Fishing equipment (any special items can be reserved and payed for on day 1)
Tour Guides

Not Included

Alcoholic drinks
Tips & Gifts
Fishing Bait ( trout Eggs)
Sun block
Insect Repellent

In the mornings and evenings it can be cooler dropping to around 10 degrees. The day time can be very hot so bring plenty of sun screen and a hat!

The lodges we use are swiss styled and located on the shoreline. They have fantastic views of the lake. You will be in shared rooms (2 persons ) with private bathrooms.

Due to the cooler nights and also the climate at this altitude it is suggest that you bring some form of warm clothing, Hat, long sleeve shirt etc. For the Jungle trek you may get wet due to the humidity and also if it rains. Otherwise we recommend the usual outdoor type gear.

Yes the water is safe to drink but as per most places you will be better off drinking bottled water as you may not be used to the water from this area.

The popular meals in this area are Trout, rabbit and Cuy. All Colombia traditional local dishes are available also. It is easy to obtain chicken, beef or pizza type meals.

For vegetarians there is a variety of food available.

Please let us know of any dietary needs at time of booking.

For some people they may require to cross the border for 24 hours in order to receive another 90 days stay in Colombia and this often offers the cheaper way to do this.

We can assist you in transport to the border and in some cases to the town of Tulcan where you can stay for the night before returning to the crossing to get your extension. Please let us know at time of booking or first day of your trip if you would like us to assist you with this.

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