Plan Your Trip

It can be daunting trying to book a trip of a lifetime because there are so many factors to take into account. So we at Colombia Paddlers want to take some of the stress off your shoulders by making booking with us as simple as possible.

So how can we help?

One of the hardest parts has already been done because you are here which means that Colombia is possibly your destination.
So now you have chosen your destination choose what type of trip you are after. A nice relaxing Canoeing Trip, a tailor made trip that will take you on many activities or maybe a fishing trip or even all!
Now you have your trip in mind just choose what dates you would like to go on. maybe you have decided already but if not now is the chance to encourage friends or family to join you.
Now you have got your dates and who is going to share your experience with you all you have to do is make the reservation and wait.

Be advised that some of our trips take place at high altitude (over 2000 meters) and that altitude sickness may effect some people. So we advise for you to plan some time at these altitudes to get accustomed. If you experience symptoms we advise you to seek medical advice and move to lower altitudes.

Other trips are in very remote locations with very little or no medical facilities so ensure you carry enough medication for your duration. (We do have a para medic that accompanies every trip in the unfortunate case we may need medical assistance).

Please check out our travel advice section to ensure that you are best protected for your trip and to maybe help you confirm your plans.