Rainbow Trout fishing Colombia

Where to begin with this incredible experience? This trip took us to an extraordinary place with exceptional views and, most importantly,  the  perfect climate for rainbow trout. What makes this place so extraordinary is the grand size of the lake (Lake Cocha), which feeds into a small river (Rio Gamez), which meets another river (Rio Estero) surrounded by tall reeds and breathtaking scenery of open pastures surrounded by mountains and jungle all within a highly variable weather sphere. Along the water’s edge there are many settlements built on stilts and many of these areas are protected as nature reserves to preserve the wildlife and various different types of fauna.

Nestled on the edge of Lake Cocha is a small town. A beautiful sight to behold, the rustic wooden houses painted in dazzling colours look as though they were taken straight from a Swiss mountain village. The indigenous people of the area are still the main inhabitants in these regions and are both very friendly and inquisitive towards travellers coming through. This town has two Nicknames: little Switzerland because of the Swiss style houses, hotels and restaurants, and little Venice due to the winding estuaries running through the town that the local people use to navigate their way onto and off of the lake; this provides excellent shelter when the weather is a little rough for their boats.

Guiding us on this trip was a local called Carlos, a friendly chap with the kind of outstanding knowledge of the area can only be accumulated over many years. He loaded us up on his boat and took us out, making sure we had the appropriate bait to ensure our fishing experience would be a great success.

We spent about an hour on the river before we reached the spot: a  remote stretch with crystal clear waters flowing and within 15 minutes we had our rods in the water and what was to become a truly memorable fishing experience had begun. After about 25 minutes the first trout was landed; not a big fish by any means but a fish is a fish. Some 5 minutes after that the first big trout of the day was landed. We fished this area using lures and trout eggs as bait for about 4 hours and landed an impressive 8 good size trout and 3 that we put back in the water as they were too small for the plate. One of the trout that was caught around midday became lunch, seasoned with fresh lime and salt, then cooked over a camp fire we built beside the river. You can’t get any fresher than that, out the water and eaten for lunch within 20 minutes!


For the afternoon we relocated to an area on the lake which was very deep and we started getting catfish nibbling away at the bait, so it was time to change tactics and we adopted the lure option which improved our chances of catching trout dramatically. It seemed to work as only a few minutes later our guide was the first to catch, not the most impressive size but big enough to go on the plate.

This is without a doubt an amazing experience  and highly recommended for the adventure fisherman.