Monster fish fishing in the Amazon. The big dream

The big dream

So after a year and a half of living in Colombia I’m about to live my dream and go to the Amazon to do some monster fish fishing. To say I’m excited is an understatement! Since I had confirmed I was going I’ve not slept for a second. I feel like a child walking into a sweet shop for the very first time.

After all the fishing I’ve done elsewhere in Colombia this is going to be the icing on the cake.

After spending hours and hours of planning to make this trip happen, and far too much money on new fishing tackle to take there just so I can try and catch the monsters I’m now ready to go.


Monster fish fishing in Colombia

The fishing

I have decided on a few fishing options I want to try there. I have decided I want to lure fish down there. Using the imitation bull frogs for the world famous peacock bass and vampire fish. But at the same time I’ve also packed some of our big game fish lures to try and keep the little fish away. I’ve also planned on taking my bait rods. This should allow me to bottom feed in the attempt to catch a 100lb plus red tail catfish using dead bait. But then I may encounter the problem of piranhas getting to my bait before it’s even had the chance to entice the cat fish in. This said I won’t be complaining too much with whatever I catch.

In the monster fish fishing there are a few specific species I’m going after. Red belly piranha, Black piranha, peacock bass, vampire fish, sting rays, armoured catfish, red tail catfish, tambaqui and arapaima the largest freshwater fish in the world. If I can even catch one of these species I will be extremely happy. Obviously if I catch a monster arapaima then I will be telling people the stories of how I caught a monster  for years to come with pictures to back it up. My main aim is to catch as many of these different species as I can over a seven day period. As I never know when this opportunity will come around again.

The adventure

Even if I don’t catch any monster, just having the privilege to go fishing in such an amazing place is a real honour. I don’t think I will be leaving disappointed due to the location and the chance of seeing some of the finest nature and fauna the Amazon in Colombia has to offer. After years of working in the Congo basin I’m very interested in seeing the difference between the two jungles and its wildlife.

Other than the monster fish fishing, I’m really hoping to see quite a lot of the nature as I go down the rivers especially the black caiman, anacondas and of course the elusive jaguar. There is so much to see and do there especially if you are looking for tranquillity and relaxation which is just fuelling my excitement after the bustling towns and cities.

I will obviously write a blog on my return of what we achieved, caught and seen on my return along with pictures and video footage for all to see. I also hope to see you all down there with us one day soon.