Amazon Fishing part 2

Well what to say about this trip so far except, WOW WOW and bloody WOW what an amazing place!

From the minute we arrived I knew I was somewhere extremely special and spectacular. I mean the views from the plane window as we descended into Leticia airport where breathtakingly beautiful as we flew high above the jungle and the Amazon river.

So I’m sure you are all wanting to know what’s happened so far. OK! so we were collected by our fixer for the Amazonian area Alex. Who is a super helpful and nice guy and knows pretty much everyone in the area. Which proved to be invaluable for us so far on this trip. Alex picked us up took us to the Brazil border. Where we went across and had lunch in Brazil. I ordered the fish that everybody has said you need to try if you go to the Amazon. That was Pirarucú and OMG! it was the best fish I’ve ever eaten, absolutely amazing. Carl ordered fish too, and he ordered Carawasu. I tried a bit of his and that was just as good as mine but a completely different fish.

That evening we went for a stroll to the Santander park to watch the birds returning to the trees to roost. I have never seen so many parrots at once in such a small area. Which made the game, dodge the birds mortars a lot harder. The park is filled with wood carvings, giant Lilly pads, statues and paintings. After being in the park we went for the customary evening beer before hitting the sack ready for an early morning start.

That morning we woke up at 0700 ready to leave at 0900. Time for shower breakfast and vacate our room. At this point I’m really getting excited because I knew that today I would have the chance to start fishing. Alex collected us at 0900 and we headed to the port of Leticia to meet our boat and driver Kevin. We had roughly a 2 hour boat ride down river. Then off the main river and onto Yavari river into Peru.

Here we stopped at a small Peruvian town Atalaya which was built entirely on stilts. This town was amazingly clean and tidy to look at. After 45 minutes stretching the legs around the town it was time to head on down for the remainder of that day’s travel which wasn’t that far at all. We arrived at the eco lodge of Zacambu at around midday. To my amazement directly at the back of the lodge was a huge lake.

So while lunch was prepared it was time to get the rods in the water. Within a matter of second’s, I had my first fish on the hook it was a Black piranha. But as I lifted it out of the water it bit through my line. It would prove to be one of many that got away on this trip. So to stop any more escaping I had to up the anti by adding a wire trace between my hook and line. This proved to be the trick to them destroying my line. While I was getting plenty of bites with no clean hook ups Carl was retrieving red belly piranha and a very small sturgeon out of the water at a fair old rate, while I was not having much luck at all.

At 1600 hours we jumped into the boat and travelled 10 minutes down river to a river mouth where all the locals said it was a great fishing spot in the evening for big fish. Immediately you could feel the difference of the size of the fish biting the bait. While we stood there on the bank you could see an amazing storm erupting in the distance while the sun was setting. To look at it was an amazing spectacle to see until it hit us which meant no more fishing for that evening! I love my fishing but not enough to be zapped in a lightning strike. For Carl his fishing that day had been eventful and he had fulfilled a lifelong dream of catching red belly piranha in the Amazon, while I sat back in the lodge wondering if my luck would change.