Fishing La Pan

Amazon Fishing: The adventure continue

Amazon Fishing: The adventure continue

Day 1:

So after my poor run of luck fishing yesterday, I was ready to get my rods wet again. But that would not be for a few hours yet. we were about to travel up river past Leticia to a place called Puerto Nariño about 4 hours from Zacambu and on the main river Amazon.

amazon fishing
Carl with his new friends

We stopped at a small Peruvian village on the way to see the Lilly pads but that’s not all we got to see. As we walked into a palm thatched area a young caiman was handed to me to hold followed by a sloth, toucan, tortoise and a large snapping turtle. We were then taken to the Lilly pads to see an anaconda and a chance to hold. It was quite an experience but on the other hand not the type of tours we want to be associated with especially as it’s something we don’t really agree with.

So we arrived at our destination of Puerto Narino. Which was a beautiful town on the banks of the amazon extremely well looked after and one of the few locations to see pink dolphins. We had a good look around with a couple of good options to fish again with no prevail. I was still struggling to catch a big fish!

Day 2

The next day we headed to a tiny indigenous village called Mocagua. A very small location and I had the feeling this would be the location for me. We went on a small trek in the local jungle and looked at the monkey sanctuary. Which was perfect for eco-tourism as the monkeys could come and go as they pleased. They were all rescued from the pet trade and reintroduced to the jungle and other monkey troops at their own choosing. There were no fences and the only monkeys confined were injured monkeys. All the others were completely free. Human interaction was completely discouraged.

Then that evening we went to an island just off the banks of the Amazon and straight away I was getting big bites. Which was encouraging even though I didn’t land any that evening. I knew my luck was changing.

amazon fishing
we got a amazonian fish

So in the early hours of the morning at around 4am we set off to do the bird watching on an island called la Pan with my fishing gear in tow. The boat ride was all of 10 minutes to the island and everyone had said the lagoon was a great place to fish. So after spending some time walking through the jungle to get to the lagoon and seeing the birds on the way.

The Amazon fishing moment.

I was in good spirits especially when I sore the lagoon. It took my breath away and within 5 minutes I had my line in the water. I had a local lemon tea made by the locals with a small breakfast. While sitting there patiently, bang! There goes my line as it spins off the reel. I locked the clutch as best I could but the line was still reeling out. I knew it was big really big and for an hour my rod was bending as I slowly brought it closer to shore. As it got closer I couldn’t believe my luck it was the biggest fresh water fish a pirarucu I was in complete silence as it broke the surface.

I got it within 6 metres of my position and it put up one last fight. It rose its head out of the water. Shook its head so violently that it snapped my hook clean in half and it escaped back to the depths. The day was far from over and I cast out again and again.

I felt the desire to reel in a little earlier because we were leaving soon. All of a sudden I felt my line go and with 2 strikes I was on again. I knew it wasn’t a huge fish but still a nice size. This time I got it into the landing net and to my amazement it was a freshwater sting ray about 2 foot in diameter. What away to break my run of bad luck and to end my day!

As for the rest of the trip I was catching a lot. Especially small 10 pound catfish. Six in two hours which I was so chuffed about. I will return there soon enough to get a giant or at least keep trying! Don’t forget guys be responsible! And if you catch any type of fish especially if it’s endangered please catch and release.